Tidel TR50 Series Recycler

The TR50 is uniquely designed to operate at point-of-sale, self-checkout stations, or in back office environments, enabling a retail store to easily optimize the intersect points where cash automation is needed the most. By integrating with multiple coin recyclers, The TR50 is adaptable to just about any environment requiring automated recycling of cash and coin.

The TR50 eliminates the need for store employees to manually handle cash at point of sale, minimizing the risk of errors and freeing them up to more productive activities such as customer service. When paired with a Tidel coin recycler, the TR50 is an ideal solution for back office cash automation – enabling speed, accuracy and accountability for the recycling of notes and coin, thus minimizing store float and the frequency of CIT pickups.

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32TR50 SERIES BROCHURE

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32TR SERIES BROCHURE

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Hardware Features

  • Peer to Peer Networking
  • Can be paired with two unique
    Tidel coin recyclers
  • Remote Management
  • Optional Biometrics
  • Remote bill upgrades
  • Combination style door locks
  • Nationwide service network
  • Web-based store and management reporting
  • iButton for CIT access
  • Integrated printer
  • Touch screen interface
  • Error recovery videos
  • System status dashboards

Software Features

The TR50 software suite is expansive, easy to use, and completely adaptable to any user environment. The TR50 software simplifies the process of managing users, assigning permissions, running reports, and managing cash balances. The TR50 offers a status bar that provides a dashboard-like status of all system components, allowing for proactive engagement when needed. The TR50 also enables remote access capability, so authorized parties can perform necessary maintenance, or assist with troubleshooting, if required. The TR50 offers the industry’s most comprehensive software package needed to manage the note and coin processing of a cash-intensive retail establishment.


***See brochure for TR52 and TR53 specs for coin recycling capabilities***


Other Available Features:

*Touch Screen Interface *Integrated Printer *iButton for CIT access *Combination style door lock *Optional Biometrics *Remote Management *Remote Bill Upgrades *Error recovery videos *Web-based store and management reporting *Nationwide Service Network *Peer to Peer Networking *Mix and Match Note and Coin recyclers

Additional information

Cash Recycler Denominations

All 6 US Denominations

Cash Recycler Capacity

Total 1,200 notes
Configuration options:
1. Single (300 note ) recycle storage mechanism × 3 + dual recycle storage mechanism (100 notes+200 notes) × 1
2. Single(300 note) recycle storage mechanism × 2 + dual recycle storage mechanism (100 notes+200 notes) × 2
3. Single (300 note) recycle storage mechanism × 4

Cash Deposit Capacity

2,000 notes

Total Cash Capacity

3,200 Notes

Cash Deposit & Dispense Speed

Deposit Speed: 5 Notes / Second
Dispense Speed: 4 Notes / Second


761 lbs.


(WxDxH) 13.3"x31.4"x51.8"


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