Bibbeo has motivated and talented technicians that consistently deliver high quality work that continually satisfy our customers’ needs. As a result, the client gets an accomplished, reliable technician who understands, anticipates, and delivers on every project with the highest possible standards.

Our technicians are required to submit to a background check, including a criminal records check, reference check, and past employment and education verification. We believe that a healthy background-screening program provides our company an edge in identifying potentially harmful individuals within an applicant pool.

Our technicians are hand trained by a senior installer before being sent to the field. This ensures that all technicians have the proper equipment and learn the proper way to complete a project.

To ensure our high quality of service, we spot check ~15% of the jobs the technicians perform in the field. Every Bibbeo team member is subject to this form of accountability in order to maintain excellent customer service and performance. In the event that a site fails to meet high quality standards during review, the issue is fixed on the spot and other sites by that technician will automatically fall under review

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