About Us


Bibbeo is a nationally recognized technology solutions provider, specializing in equipment installations. We are able to handle service and installations across the US and Canada. The primary goal of Bibbeo is to provide clients with satisfying and cost effective solutions.

Bibbeo works with clients to provide product services and project management nation wide. With our motivated and talented technicians, we are able to deliver high quality work that continually satisfies the needs of our customers. Bibbeo is unique in that team members from the owners to the office managers are experienced and trained to perform installations and other product services. This allows every Bibbeo team member to provide a transparent and knowledgeable approach when communicating to clients, as well as the ability to better assist the technicians in the field. This approach provides the entire Bibbeo team the unique ability to provide custom solutions to the client in the event that any issues arise. Our company, management, and technicians focus on providing clients with high quality installation services and excellent customer service.

To ensure high quality of service, we spot check approximately 15% of the jobs the technicians do out in the field. Each Bibbeo team member is subject to this form of accountability in order to maintain excellent customer service and performance.  In the event that a site fails to meet high quality standards during review, the issue is fixed on the spot and other sites by that technician will automatically fall under review.

Choosing Bibbeo as your technology solutions provider is choosing quality as a priority. We take pride in providing high quality service in a fast and efficient manner. In addition, we provide 24-hour phone support for our clients, allowing our clients to feel satisfied with their investment and partnership with Bibbeo.

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