Tidel Series 4 Till Storage Vault

The Tidel Series 4 equipped with the Till Storage Vault offers a convenient and secure way to store till drawers used in the day to day operation of the store. The Till Storage Vault can store up to four standard size till drawers, with room for smaller additional items such as coin rolls or lottery tickets.

The Till Storage Vault also offers an optional rolled coin drawer, which provides a convenient way to access change throughout the day. The coin drawer contains 8 individual coin slots and easily slides out for quick and efficient access to rolled coin.

The Till Storage Vault also offers an optional small vault, which includes a drop slot, that can be used for secondary storage of smaller items such as checks, money orders, or other items requiring secure storage. Much like the bottom vault and acceptor vault doors, the door for the optional small vault requires individual user log in to access.

The Tidel Till Storage Vault offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience for secure storage, automated note deposit, and access to coin. By storing the tills in a secure vault near the register, versus the back office, the Tidel Till Storage Vault eliminates the need to utilize a secondary storage safe, thereby optimizing retail store space, and accelerating the start of shift process.

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  • Dedicated vault to store up to four (4) standard size till drawers
  • Optional coin drawer to store coin
  • Optional small vault for secure storage of small items such as checks
  • Audible alarm sounds if doors are left open longer than a programmable time period
  • Open door audible alarm timeout period is easily adjustable per store policy


  • Weight:
  216 lbs. (97 kg)
  • Height:
 30.75″ (781 mm)
  • Width:
 19.75″ (501 mm)
Standard Version
  • Depth:
 20.03″ (508 mm) – vault only
  20.03″ (508 mm) – overall
XL Version
  • Depth:
  24.5″ (622 mm) – vault only
  • Depth:
  28.5″ (724 mm) – overall

Power Requirements (for Series 4)

120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz


1 year parts and 90 days labor (inside the US)

1 year parts only (outside the US)


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